Sunday, July 2, 2017

What Makes BBG DIfferent ?

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  • Highly skilled business development experts facilitate each BBG Chapter.
  • Members are trained to educate the other members of their Chapter so that they recognise referral opportunities for their business.
  • Groups are structured to match non-competing members with similar levels of experience.
  • Only 3 hours a month are required (of which only 1.5 hours fall inside normal working hours).
  • Members are provided with a mobile phone referral app which allows them to refer each-other to their contacts with 3 taps on the screen when the opportunities present themselves.
  • Members are encouraged to refer with generosity. At an average of 1 referral per member per week – in a group of 30 – that's 1,500 qualified referrals per year.
  • The monthly activity of each member is monitored and additional assistance is available to those who struggle to get their share of leads or convert enough of the leads they receive.
  • Members have an opportunity to share specific business challenges within the group and use their collective expertise and experience to find practical solutions which are easy to implement.
  • The structured referral process, training, mentoring and best-of-breed tools ensure members generate highly qualified leads you can easily convert to paying customers.
  • At less than $4 a day the membership costs less than the price of a cup of coffee and is easily affordable.

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