Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Art Of The Start

Some people have no problem setting goals. They know exactly what they want. They have plenty of ideas about how to get there, when they want to get there, and what they plan to do once they achieve their goal.  

But sometimes these same people have a quirk that trips them up: they’re terrible at getting started.  

Once they get the ball rolling, they’re fine. They hit their milestones, stick to their schedule, and do all the little things it takes get over the hump, finish strong, and realize their ambitions.  

The problem is, however, that all that’s meaningless if they can’t take that first step. They think they need to get tough on themselves about it. Try harder, they tell themselves. Suck it up, buttercup, they say. Just get over it and get started, already.  

Here’s a secret:

 beating yourself up over a shortcoming almost never works.  

Here’s a second secret. One that works: 


A Little Help from Your Friends 

Here’s what I propose. Create and rehearse a start sequence for yourself – but make it public. Not to the entire world, but to your public. The public that matters. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text groups, announce it at book club, or start a blog. 

Make it a public launch:  

"I registered for my first marathon, and my training starts on [insert date]. Follow my progress and cheer me on as I work toward my goal!"

There’s an old saying from the world of theater and other performing arts:  There’s nothing like the imminent arrival of the audience to light a fire under your backside. 

The same is true in this instance. Your friends and extended social group aren’t going to do any of the work for you, but if you know they’re waiting for you to start and they’re eager to track your progress, it will dramatically increase the chance you’ll actually get started. 

Going public takes it to another level. It makes it more than an idea that only exists in your head. It makes it real. 

That personal and public recognition will galvanize you into action and give you that extra push you need to get started. 

Because for you, getting started is the biggest battle of all.  Clear that hurdle, and you’re well on your way to success. 

Onward and Upward!


Ivan’s comments


What are you going to start? What SMART goal do you want to achieve? By when? 


Break your  journey into bite size chunks - lots of little achievable goals

Go Public

Celebrate your successes with your audience. 
Share commiserations and failures with your audience - ask them to hold you accountable and cheer you on !!


build momentum -  heard a great definition of momentum at the Tony Robbins rock concert the other day.... momentum is motion with emotion 

Have “Astitude” -

Put your body into it - and shake your arse - literally - your “astitude” will determine your “attitude” (
Joseph McClendon III

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Friday, September 14, 2018

10X Business Accelerator




The road to business success is littered with failed dreams.... the dreams of people just like you.

People with BIG IDEAS laid low by: Slow sales. Distribution delays. Unreliable suppliers. Broken promises. Legal disputes. Bad debts. Dwindling cash reserves. The list goes on …

If these are the kind of problems that are keeping you awake at night, you are a perfect fit for the 10X Business Accelerator. A 10-month program that will help you keep your dream alive by:

  • Avoiding the pitfalls that cause over 66% of businesses to fail in the first 10 years. Don't become part of this scary statistic
  • Rapidly building your sales, cash flow and profits. So you can pay yourself a decent wage
  • Developing a clear pathway to commercialise your “big idea”. Keep your dream alive!




  • Interactive workshops facilitated by industry experts to build your knowledge and skills
  • Collaborative business forums to develop practical implementation solutions and problem solve
  • Mastermind lunches and Gala Forums featuring inspirational guest speakers to ignite your passion and expand your business network
  • Extensive online learning support, tools and strategies enabling you to access tailored support for your business


  • A solid business plan to grow your business and rapidly increase sales and profits
  • More cash in your pocket
  • An expanded network of business contacts and suppliers to support your expansion plans
  • An internationally recognised business qualification BSB50215 Diploma of Business

This program is VET Student Loan approved

Further Info


Starting a business can be a thankless and lonely task. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Join us at our complimentary briefing to find out how our unique blend of education, collaboration, training, mentoring and best-of-breed tools can put extra cash in your pocket. And keep your dream alive.


Seating at this exclusive Briefing is strictly limited to 50 people and tickets will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. So book now to avoid disappointment and discover a better way to keep your dream alive.

 Sydney Tuesday 16 Oct 12-20m -L7 14 Martin Place

Melbourne - Friday 12 Oct 8-10am -L26  367 Collins Street

Brisbane - Wednesday 10 Oct 12-3pm - L9 123 Eagle Street

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Are you right for our forum?

“None of us is as smart as all of us” - A Japanese Proverb 

Join a safe, confidential and trusting “BBG Forum” of up to 20 peer CEO’s, Executives , ENtrepreneurs, Business Owners and Leaders

Business owners and leaders from non-competing companies and organizations – free of any conflicts of interests and hidden agendas, meet, with the objective of helping each other grow!

Your “BBG Forum” , is a powerful group of up to 20 members, meeting once a  month,  where you discuss opportunities, challenges and issues relating to you business. It provides feedback and guidance on an intellectual and emotional level (food for the business soul) , tapping into the core source of true leadership .

As a member of the “BBG Forum” you are also invited to our Mastermind Lunches and Gala Events , where you meet  the members, with a view to network, collaborate, connect and grow.

The BBG Forums are  facilitated by accredited “BBG facilitators”  who facilitate the group, and discusses “leadership Insights”, enabling you to “lift your leadership lid” and “grow as  a leader”.

The Goal – to have 10,000 members in 10 Countries within 5 years!

And of course , you as a member have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with the other members using Referron and our proprietary CRM on Bitrix 24.

WHat is your USP?

Your uniqueness separates you from competitors in the minds of customers. How does your service or product better service your client than anyone else?

Identify your Unique Sales Proposition (USP)  or “Point of Difference” from the customers perspective.

Give them a compelling reason to buy!

It goes without saying that you need to have as a standard minimum, a great product or service, and a story of how your product or service is special and why your customer should trust you.

5 Pointers to help you create  and promote your Unique Sales Proposition
  1. Identify your target customers            
  2. What customers pain do you solve?
  3. List three customer benefits by using your product or service. (from the clients perspective)
  4. Are any of these benefits unique or better than your competitors;
  5. Make a list of the ways to communicate and promote what makes you unique eg, website, brochures, emarketing, webinars, events, seminars,  on-hold messages.

What is your Unique Selling Proposition? For the best answer, I will arrange you to promote your business in Spark Magazine (www.sparkmag,co) on a video, that can also be posted on your website and other social network sites!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

A big few Weeks at BBG - Pictures tells 1000 words

It’s been a feast of collaboration learning and growth with dollops of klt at BBG the last few weeks! 

Friday 7 August

THursday 6 August

Tuesday 4 August

City 2 Surf a few weeks back 

Last week

(Below:- Tany intervewing the SEO and Chairman of KPMG
Tanya is my daughter - so this picture Slot’s in :)

Our Sydney Gala Event with Michelle Duval

A bit of action by our Feds

This week - be our guest at our BBG Forum 

  • Parramatta Forum with George Mavros 
  • Brisbane South Bbg forum with Marilyn Burton
  • Melbourne Central Forum with Geoff Kelly 
  • Perth Forum with Greg Smargiassi

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Easy or Challenging ?

As much as people think they do, they don’t really want an easy life. Easy equals mediocre. Mediocre means purgatory to our souls, brains and minds. We thrive on challenge. Our passion is to find innovative means of putting our time productively to work creating lives of purpose and contribution. It’s complex problems at the limit of our known capacity that drives our human spirit. The next time you hear someone say “easy” challenge them to something bigger. They’ll be glad you did.

Onward and Upward!