Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Keynote at BBG launch - using Referron

 Using Referron  with regular systemised face to face meetings and coaching - 
 BBG will be creating that "virtual village" - that group of people that you will know, like and trust - creating an enviable intelligence network.... For the benefit of  BBG members.

Over the past 3 years, based on researching 10x , interviewing 100s of accounting firms and professional services firms  and working with countless coaches and SMEs - 

We identified What SMEs most want are leads - and of course a methodology to close them....  And what we found is that the best leads come from referrals - from people that know like and trust you - 

So I figure , if we give people what they want - we will get what we want ....

So BBG is simply about generating you warm leads - and we have a kpi of a minimum of 100 leads per annum - and 3600 referrals for each BBG group of 30.

Using Referron 

  • Members will be able to know who is referrable - who are the guys that are recieving the most leads - what is there X factor.
  • Who are the mavens - the people who love to refer - those are the ones that people will warm to.... You will have that data... And have the opportunity to get them to know like and trust you. 
  • As the BBG network grows - we will list the top referrers and the top people being referred. 
  • By members referring on a regular basis - the strength of the group will grow - as will the expansion of the BBG influence, directly benefitting you, our members, who will have access to that data . 

So - 
Update your profiles and pictures - so that you become more referrable - so that when someone refers a person to you - the potential client will know who you are! 

Be sure to use Referron to refer someone to a person you know like and trust within 3 taps of the phone - the law of reciprocation works! And they will refer to you! 

That is what Referron and BBG can do for you,

I will be holding a webinar  - giving a detailed rundown of Referron features and how to use the app and system.

We have a number of new features that will soon be released - such as card scanning - if you are interested - we would be delighted if you would be interested to be one of our testers - if you are interested - let me know and I will refer you to our developer Keith Hutchison .

For more information - go to

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