Thursday, November 26, 2020

Leadership in TImes of Crisis - with Steve Fearns and the BBG CBD Forum










Odile Faludi 


What did Steve say and more importantly how did it make you feel. How did it make you feel internally.

  • Rituals 
  • the power of pause 
  • creating space to allow you to pause
  • weekends - more imprtant than ever 
  • showing your vulnerability as a leader 
  • up half empty half full
  • It was all about rituals - practicing them each day and reprating the process

Barbara Whitten 

Rituals and Protocols 

  • - someone has coffee with whisky every morning
  • decluttering and make a list in morning - allocate time to tit
  • Steve - allocate an F - being Fun 
  • Movement of Body and Stillness of Mind 
  • What people are doing for time out - make sure it is structured - take control and get away from work 
  • Its all about the customer - protocols that we are doing - share with team to be on a smilar wave 
  • When peoples lives are in crisis - 
  • Appreciate what people do 

Kirsty Fox of Spitfire 

Some takeouts in no particular oder:- 

  • Leadership - is about nothing more than nothing less 
  • Leadership vs Management - diifferent Skill sets
  • Rejuvenate - what do you do to Rejuvenate - you need to refill your cup 
  • Time management - Protocols are key 
  • Write down your todos - write it down on paper 
  • Have an idea for your business , have a vision, put things in place, plan, execute, deliver, reward
  • Being in this forum - a reminder of what you already know. Cant take care of your staff unless you take care of yourself

Steve Fearns presented a brilliant knowledge share on Self - Leadership

A great session presented at the Sydney CBD forum with Judith Rose Max and leadership guru Steve Fearns 

Steve’s 3 pillars of success ..... Steve Fearns ..... to unleash leadership - on purpose !!!

Clarity of Purpose - can be a tiny purpose to a BHAG purpose 
Personal CULTURE - a mixture of your habits and attitude - do what you say you will do 
COACHING - be accountable - creates massive results 

Great session today at our #bbgforum

The importance of taking time out ....... what is your daily, weekly, monthly ritual? 

How do you celebrate your wins ? 

Love the quadrant of #energy and #attitude 

High energy with positive attitude - is power - your in the zone- the champion 
Low energy with negative attitude - burnout
Low energy with positive attitude - restore, replenish, resilient, refocus - food for the champion 

High energy with negative attitude can be seriously toxic

 #optimism # #reflection #bbgforum thanks Steve Fearns and Judith-Rose Max

The R in CPR
C - Connection 
P - Protocol and Ritual
R - Recharge 

Steve Fearns take is that if you are going to be a leader - you need to start by taking care of yourself! 

He talks about the energy and attitude matrix - where champions have high energy and positive attitude - the key to replenish that energy and staying positive is to #Recharge 
 #mindfitness #energy #bbgforum

Thanks to #BBG for continuing to inspire engage and enthuse us 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

6C’s to become a lifelong learner

Life-long learning has been proved to be one of the ways to stay relevant and not get disrupted by machines. 

Acquiring new knowledge is a such an integral part of your life - you need to learn how  to absorb new knowledge and eventually create your own knowledge  - which is key to not only to your advancement.

It is clear that for us to advance an indeed continue to proliferate the  survival of human existence. we will need to learn how to effectively and efficiently learn new skills - over the course of our lives! 

So.... what do we need to to learn how to learn ? 

There is a great article by Erika  Anderson

that shares 4 attributes needed to learn how to learn all based around your mindset. 

  • aspiration - you truly need to want to learn new skills 
  • self-awareness 
  • curiosity, 
  • and vulnerability. 

Well worth a read 

Below are 6 C’s that will help you to learn how to learn 

(Following the theme of the 5C’s of BBG -coined by Monica Graham - connection, collaboration, contribution, continuity and community) 

Cerebral - Mindset 

A Mindset shift to change your focus from challenges to benefits - self talk is key 

Think about the last time your company adopted a new approach—overhauled a reporting system, developed Referron , replaced a CRM platform, revamped the supply chain. Were you eager to go along? I doubt it. 

Your initial response was probably to justify not learning. (It will take too long. The old way works just fine for me. I bet it’s just a flash in the pan.) 

When confronted with new learning, this is often our first roadblock: We focus on the negative and unconsciously reinforce our lack of aspiration.

When you want to learn something, you focus on what you’ll  gain from learning it—and envision a happy future in which you’re  reaping those rewards. 

That propels you into action. 

Chunk  it 

Focus on the process vs the finished product 

If you are writing a novel, focus on the chapter at hand. If you are writing software focus on the iteration, you are on right now, and everything will eventually connect.

Procrastination is a killer - and I am so good at it! delaying or postponing something that you are very well aware of needs to be done. If this is a problem work our strategies on how to deal with procrastination.

Emails, whatsapp, LinkedIn , Facebook notifications, tiktoks , YouTube and anything else that gets your mind off your task - shut it down so you can chunk that knowledge into your brain.

You have got to know the signals that get you off your attention spree and learn to shut them down for a period. 

You can reward yourself after you have accomplished your goal, by maybe doing some social media!

Learning in short bursts followed by either taking a nap, social media or doing some exercise helps your brain make the necessary neural connections that build long-lasting chunks of knowledge into your long time memory.

Challenge yourself 

Be comfortable being uncomfortable and vulnerable - by testing your knowledge by doing challenges that will force you to remember what you studied.

Continuity is king and Queen 

Practice is key , and going deep into the subject over a period of time - plan your activities 


It is much easier learning with others - especially if you know like and trust them 

Building long term relationships with people who are interested in like minded things will hold you in good stead 

Coach and having a mentor 

Having a mentor or coach that cares about you is key to your ability to learn and get you to your top game. There is a reason why top athletes and CEOs have coaches! 

How cool would it be for BBG to create a process to enable lifelong learning! 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Developing the Foundations and Charter of our BBG DIversity and Inclusion Forum

Priviliged to be part of a forum focussed on "making a difference" - riffing around 2 powerful words DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION